I started to eat Share Plum since 20th December 2015, when I went to Shenzhen visited my mother. The first week I felt it cleaned up my intestine thoroughly, then I have come out a lot of acnes, and my feet was itchy, I was very sleepy for couple months, low fever for a few days, and I was also coughing for a week, I felt pain of my lower waist……those signs are belonging to detoxification reactions. I was very insisted to keep eating 3-6 Share Plums a day. I had a long time suffer from postpartum depression, and I have been pollen allergic asthma for 10 years. By eating Share Plum for about 6 months I feel much happier and my allergic asthma is totally get well. My mother’s constipation and hypertension also cured by Share Plum. I really recommend Share plum for detoxification to keep health care. It is totally natural fermented fruit, no preservatives, no additives, no laxative, no chemical. 100% percent safe for most people. My 3 children from 4 to 11 years old have been eating Share Plum for more than one year whenever they are caught cold, fever, coughing, constipation, throat pain etc.

YanLing Li

I am appreciated that I met and trusted Share Plum at my darkest time. Before I tried Share Plum, I have suffered badly sleeplessness for most 6 hours per day for more than 10 months. Share Plum helped me to improve sleeping time to 8 hours daily within 1 month. Most important is that now I am full of energy for work and family. Besides Share Plum releases me from lower belly ache which I suffered more than 2 decades. Now I can’t stop taking Share Plum every day and am surprised how better life I have day by day. Strong recommendation!!

Yan Shuang Software Engineer / Age: 40 / Nationality: Chinese

I love Share Plum! It solved my constipation problem totally. I feel myself lighter, more energetic. After taking it 2 months, both me and my mom feel that we slept better than before. My mom can sleep up to 7 hours! Earlier she can only sleep for 5 hours. And another thing I have to mention is my skin is much better now. My friend was saying that my skin looks very bright, earlier I was very pale.

I cannot stop to recommend Share Plum to everyone. It is a product worth of taking for long period.

Susan Sun Business Owner@UTRO TMI / Age: 42 / Nationality: Chinese