Sijiyoumei Share is a high quality healthy green plum product manufactured with multiple natural herbal ingredients and fermented over four months with traditional processes and modern technology. Guided by the philosophy of medicine and food homology, the product has no preservatives or chemical additives. Certified by multiple domestic and international food safety testing organizations, it’s sold to 80 countries and regions across the world, setting the new trend of natural, green plum products.

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Sijiyoumei Share Factory Now Open to Public Visitors

“Seeing is believing. Now we have seen the rigorous and advanced production processes of Share, we feel more confident about selling the products,” a general distributor said with excitement in the Sijiyoumei Factory Visit Invitation event launched on August 18. To ensure the quality and credibility of the visit, visitors applied for the event independently and visited the factory by batches. About 1,000 visitors came to visit our factory on August 18 and August 22.

Now let’s see how Share products are manufactured in the factory from the perspective of general distributors.

All personnel must go through four steps—disinfection, clothing changing, mask wearing and dust-proof shoes changing, and get an air shower in the clean area before they can walk into the workshop.

The laboratory technician conducts a rigorous sampling test on the sugar cured green plums delivered. Only qualified sugar cured green plums can be sent to the mixed feeding process. The constantly-rotating roller is designed to evenly wrap the ingredient powder onto the surface of sugar cured green plums. Afterwards, they are delivered to the next high temperature sterilization process on the conveyer belt.

No human contact is allowed in the process of sterilization. The sugar cured green plums coated with ingredient powder are automatically sterilized on the 60-meter long conveyer belt at a temperature of 120 degrees for 30 minutes.

The sterilized sugar cured green plums are sent to the cooling workshop where workers carefully remove the green plums that are not full or complete as they cool down. Every green plum must be detected by the metal detector and only the green plums tested qualified can be sent to the packaging line as Sijiyoumei Share.

Each Share is packed in a small packet and 15 Share packets are put into one big packet and encased in a packing box. After pasting a proprietary anti-fake tracing tag each, the packing boxes are placed in a carton and delivered to the finished product warehouse on the ground floor.

Sijiyoumei upholds the basic principle of food safety, consumer and distributor assurance. In the future, the Company will open more factories for supervision of consumers, distributors and all walks of life, and continuously enhance its market competitiveness.